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Huron Artist Residency Collaboration is thrilled to announce we've received the FY24 Grant from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, helping us to fulfill our mission of connecting all parts of the greater Alcona community with the arts.  

Huron Artist Residency Collaboration

Our Mission

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Huron Artist Residency Collaboration (HARC) offers invited creative makers the inspiration of Lake Huron beach life and rural solitude to explore personal and professional growth.  We believe in the interconnection of all things, that art is meditation, and that it has the power to lift up individuals and community.

Our Philosophy & History of the Residency

Helen Hierta & Ebitenyefa Baralaye in the studio

Inspiration and intuition guide the mission of the Huron Artist Residency Collaboration program.  We understand how time alone can be an oasis of calm to help expand the heart, illumine the creative journey, and clarify communication.  How would the big views of Lake Huron inspire your inner realms of mind and practice?


An inland sea can be a metaphor for going deeper into consciousness.  The blue waters and palettes of the horizon are a gift creating dynamic changes of color-space; sometimes dramatic shifts, other times subtle whispers.  Here the natural environment encourages inquiries into creative possibilities.  Whether that ignites a new project during the residency or growth in a new way of thinking in the future, it will leave a memorable impression.


This unique residency offers time to work while also encouraging you to play with reflections.  It is completely up to you in which way you choose to use your time.  Where are you now and what do you need now to create an enduring and healing life full of beauty and possibility?

Our family transformed a northern Michigan resort complex into a family compound, a compound of love and artistry, and over the years has built a creative community. In the early days, this was through inviting students and designers from the College of Creative Studies and the Detroit auto industry to join in workshops. In recent years the studio was expanded to include our stunning ceramic space. This transformation is an example of our family’s history of evolving passions as artists and designers. The residency is helmed by Helen Hierta, deeply informed by her parents Homer LaGassey and Yolanda Ahne Hierta’s lifetime works, and purposed by the future legacy of the next generation of family.  We seek like-minded souls who hope to enrich their passions and serve the greater good of humanity through art.


Through clay and collaboration, we develop opportunities, events, and programming in the field of ceramics for the underserved, rural community of Alcona County and citizens of Michigan and beyond.

Workshops & Programming

Ceramic objects on the studio table

Steps away from the shores of Lake Huron writers and artists have access to a multi-purpose studio with a long history of making and inspiration.  

The Studio

Sunset through the trees over Lake Huron

Artists are provided with a private cottage, including kitchen, bath and workspace on two acres of Lake Huron private frontage.

The Land & Cottage

Helen Hierta looking out the studio window at the falling snow

Huron Artist Residency is dedicated to supporting marginalized and non-traditionally educated artists.


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